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Research involving animals helps scientists test novel therapeutics, bridging the gap between basic science that can lead to human trials. The animal facility at St. Joe's supports researchers working across a variety of fields, including diabetes, hypertension, complex airway diseases, immunology, mood disorders, prostate cancer, and many other areas.

McMaster University Animal Facilities consists of seven unique sites that provide a broad range of services for animal care and research. As a satellite location, St. Joe’s Charlton campus offers access to animal resources for affiliated researchers, staff, and students.

Research is conducted by Principal Investigators and their staff in the Faculties of Health Sciences, Science, and Engineering. Research studies conducted at McMaster University have led to many breakthroughs and advancements in multiple fields.

For more information, including training for staff, students, and faculty members please visit the McMaster University Animal Facilities webpage.


Regulatory Bodies

The use of animals in research is subject to strict regulations that are determined by various regulatory bodies.

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McMaster Animal Facilities

General information for McMaster University's Animal Facilities.


McMaster Animal Facilities Training

Training website for McMaster University's Animal Facilities.


RSJH Wet Lab Access Cardkey Form

A form used to request keycard access to St. Joe's Wet Labs that details training, registration, and other requirements.


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