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Research at St. Joe’s is funded through a variety of public and private sources, each with unique guidelines for allowable expenses, reporting requirements, auditing, and so much more. To put things into perspective:

  • The Research Institute’s annual expenditure exceeds $33 million.
  • Our Foundation and our generous donors provided over $3.1 million in funding in the 2021-2022 fiscal year.
  • We manage over $250,000 in internal project grants through our Awards Program.

Our Services

The Research Finance Office is responsible for the ongoing management of all research grants and contracts awarded to our researchers. The team works closely with researchers, research coordinators, and administrative staff to ensure adherence to our policies and funding guidelines. In addition, the Research Finance Office provides financial services, including financial reporting and analysis, forecasting, cash flow and expenditure monitoring, compliance oversight, and audit facilitation.

All finance forms and policies can be found in our Resource Library. For all inquiries, please contact the Research Finance Office via email:

Finance Forms            Finance Policies


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030-RSJ-H  Endowed Funds

Policy outlining some of the financial and management responsibilities for endowed funds.


031-RSJ-H  Allowable and Non-Allowable Research Expenses

Policy outlining the allowable and non-allowable research expenses for reimbursement.


032-RSJ-H  Travel Expenses

Policy outlining the principles, responsibilities, and procedures to follow when incurring expenses and preparing for claims for eligible travel expenses.


033-RSJ-H  Open / Close Accounts; Disposition when Relocating

Policy concerning the establishment of new research accounts for new research projects where funds are held at The Research Institute.


034-RSJ-H Dormant Third-Party and Research Accounts

Policy concerning the inactivity period of dormant research and third-party accounts.


035-RSJ-H  Discretionary Accounts

Policy concerning the use of discretionary research accounts.


036-RSJ-H  Overhead Rates on Research Contracts and Services

Policy concerning the overhead rate used to reimburse The Research Institute for indirect costs of research.


037-RSJ-H  Budget Control

Policy concerning the oversight of the management and administration of research budgets for grants and contracts held at The Research Institute.


Talk to one of our contacts for more information.

Shawn Billington
Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 905-522-1155 ext. 32060
Laura Garrick
Business & Events Officer
Phone: 289-244-3342