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In business contracts, we are formally known as Research St. Joseph's – Hamilton (RSJ–H or RSJH).

In everyday use and on social media, we use the name The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton, The Research Institute of St. Joe's, or simply The Research Institute, depending on the context. Note that only our formal business name uses "Joseph's," whereas all other forms use "Joe's."

Variations that mix naming elements of RSJH and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton are not correct.

Our Logos

The words “The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton” appear in white text overtop a green square, with the upper left and lower right corners rounded, comprise The Research Institute’s logo. This image depicts the primary green version of the logo, as well as an all-white variant

The Research Institute's logo is comprised of the words "The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton" in white over a green square with the upper left and lower right corners rounded. Our logo is available as a PNG file in two different sizes and colour variants, as well as a vectorized EPS file. Unless you require the logo for a print design, it is recommended to use the PNG. 

Download a .ZIP file containing the RSJH logos.

Dual Logo

The logo of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the logo of The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton appear side by side in this dual logo design. The image depicts the full colour variant as well as the all-white variant.

Often, there are situations where there is a need to showcase both the clinical and research aspects of our organization by using the dual logo lockup. This lockup contains the logo of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton next to, and in proportion with, the logo for The Research Institute. This version is available as a PNG file in two colour variants.

Download a .ZIP file containing the SJHH + RSJH dual-branded logos.

Logo Usage

  • Do not alter, add, or remove any elements of the logo.
  • Do not change the aspect, typeface, colours, or proportions of the logo.
  • Avoid using cluttered or busy backgrounds.
  • Try to keep some white space between the logo and any others, as well as the edges of your design or other elements.
  • Ensure there is enough contrast with the background colour when using the white logo variants.

The five research pillar icons are depicted in a row, representing the wide gamut of research at St. Joe’s. The icons that represent each of the five research pillars contain a white symbol over a colour-themed circle. There are versions with and without an outer ring of text that contains the name of the pillar. When the five pillars are presented together, they should always appear in the same order:

  1. Mental Health & Addiction
  2. Lungs & Chest
  3. Father Sean O'Sullivan Research Centre
  4. Kidney
  5. Genitourinary

Download a .ZIP file containing the pillar icons. 

The exact colour codes are presented below. Many software applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, have a colour picker or eyedropper tool that can be used to copy the colour from the logo images. These are less exact but will be sufficient for almost all cases. These colour codes are built-in to the RSJH PowerPoint Template.

Note: Web colour codes contain letters A-F and numbers 0-9 only.

  RGB Value Hex Value
The Research Institute 0 / 139 / 119 #008B77
Mental Health & Addiction 0 / 180 / 147 #00B493
Lungs & Chest 0 / 167 / 225 #00A7E1
Father Sean O’Sullivan Research Centre (FSORC) 0 / 187 / 190 #00BBBE
Kidney 174 / 178 / 78 #AEB24E
Genitourinary 165 / 122 / 191 #9966CC

We offer several branded templates for presentations and documents:

Click here to download a .zip file containing 3 dual-branded virtual backgrounds for use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Click here to download a Pride Month dual-branded virtual backgrounds for use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

We have several photos and albums available on our company Flickr page. Most of these photos are available for use under a Creative Commons CC-BY-ND license, as indicated on Flickr.

To obtain brand elements for St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, please contact the Public Affairs team (

  • E.g. The Hospital logo, brand guidelines, etc.

For logos belonging to various research centres, groups, and institutes, please contact Mike Beattie, Research Communications Manager (

  • E.g. Logos for the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health (FIRH), Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research (PBCAR), Urologic Cancer Centre for Research & Innovation (UCCRI), etc. 

For McMaster University brand elements and guidelines, please visit

  • E.g. Logos for the Faculty of Health Sciences, Departments, Divisions, etc.
  • Note: A MacID is required to download elements from McMaster's brand library.
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Dual SJHH-RSJH Branded Template (4x3 aspect)

A PowerPoint template featuring the logos of the hospital and The Research Institute, in the older 4x3 aspect ratio.


Dual-branded Virtual Backgrounds

A .zip file containing three dual-branded virtual backgrounds for use with Zoom, Teams, etc.


Research Institute Branded Template (2019)

A PowerPoint template featuring The Research Institute's branding and colours, in the modern 16:9 aspect ratio.


RSJH Letterhead Square Logo.docx

A Word document template using The Research Institute's letterhead.


RSJH Logos

A ZIP file containing The Research Institute's corporate logo files.


RSJH Research Pillar Icons

A ZIP file containing the icons for our five research pillars.


SJHH-RSJH Dual Logos

A ZIP file containing the dual SJHH-RSJH corporate logo files.


Talk to one of our contacts for more information.

Mike Beattie
Research Communications Manager
Phone: 905-522-1155 ext. 32924