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The Genitourinary program was created to distinguish the specialties within the previously combined Kidney & Urinary program. Its predecessor was developed as a result of clinical and basic science researchers who came together to develop new treatments, new drugs, and innovative practices. Areas of research include kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer; tumour suppression; atherosclerosis; surgical oncology; and others.

Through St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Hamilton Health Sciences, the McMaster Institute of Urology provides specialty urological care for Hamilton and the surrounding communities. Urology researchers at St. Joseph’s strive to advance surgical innovations in kidney, bladder, and prostate surgery.

The Urologic Cancer Centre for Research & Innovation (UCCRI) – a centre of excellence envisioned to push the boundaries of urological oncology through research and education – is a key component of the Genitourinary research pillar.

Research Pillar Lead:

 Dr. Bobby Shayegan

 A photo of Dr. Bobby Shayegan.

Updates from the Genitourinary Research Pillar


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Bobby Shayegan
David Braley & Nancy Gordon Chair in Urology