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In 2013, Jim Bullock was referred to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in the hope he would qualify to participate in a cancer treatment clinical trial. The prognosis from his referring healthcare team was grim. The trial was an attempt to keep his kidney cancer at bay and allow him time with family and friends. That was his sole hope until he met St. Joe’s urologist, Dr. Anil Kapoor. 

“You wouldn’t think a person would be happy to know they didn’t qualify for a clinical trial but, in my case, it was the best news because it was delivered along with a new idea – an idea that was more aggressive and would be delivered by one of the leading urology specialists around,” shared Jim. “When Dr. Kapoor told me he didn’t believe the kidney cancer was as aggressive as originally suspected and he was confident that I qualified for a robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery procedure that would be less invasive than traditional surgery, I was for the first time in a long time hopeful.”

Jim’s hope was not misplaced. After the robotic assisted surgery, Dr. Kapoor confirmed Jim’s kidney was removed cleanly. Dr. Kapoor began monitoring Jim every month, but Jim continued to do well and soon those visits were extended to every four months and now, every six. All along, Jim had some small tumours on his lungs – which Dr. Kapoor explained were slow-growing kidney cancer tumours, not lung cancer. Even when the existing lung tumours changed slightly, Jim quickly received “pencil-precision radiation” and both his outlook and prognosis remained positive. 

Mr. Jim Bullock

“I’m proof that our healthcare system works very well. I got the expert care I needed when I needed it, but few would disagree that our healthcare system is on the edge of chaos,” said Jim. “I know that if our system is stretched, there certainly won’t be funding available for research into what the next innovation will be. And that’s exactly why I have made a donation to research in urological oncology at St. Joe’s.”

St. Joseph’s urological oncology program is one of the best in Canada. The Hospital has the expertise and reputation and now, thanks to donor generosity, it will also be one of Ontario’s leading urological research sites. Under the leadership of Dr. Kapoor, the Urological Oncology Research Centre will be a coordinated Centre where teams will uncover life-saving treatments and preventions for patients like Jim and so many others.

“It remains stunning to me that everyone – young, old, female, male and from all cultures and backgrounds – is represented in Dr. Kapoor’s waiting room,” noted Jim. “Cancer is an equalizer and something that will only be beat by the next big advance uncovered through extensive research. I believe it is up to all of us to make whatever contribution we can to research to help search for a solution to cancer.”

Jim joined other grateful patient donors and made a generous contribution to the establishment of the Urologic Cancer Centre for Research & Innovation (UCCRI). After donating $250,000 to the centre, Jim hopes to encourage others to give, too. With just over $2 million of the $5 million fundraising goal achieved so far, Jim will match any donations made to the UCCRI of $10,000 or more to a maximum of $750,000. Learn more and make a donation today by visiting

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