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Useful Links for Researchers

Research Contracts Uploads

The contracts upload link has moved. All contract information can be found on the new Research Contracts page.


Clinical Trials Ontario

CTO is leading the movement for a single provincial ethics review for multi-centred clinical trials. It’s all part of enhancing the climate for clinical research in Ontario.

The CTO Streamlined Research Ethics Review System (SRERS) provides an efficient approach to conducting research ethics reviews for clinical research in Ontario. The SRERS supports any single ‘CTO Qualified’ Research Ethics Board (REB) in Ontario to provide ethical review and oversight for multiple research sites participating in the same clinical trial.

Learn more on the CTO Overview page.

Log in to CTO.

Download the CTO Checklist for Institutional Sign-Off.


GCP Training

HiREB requires proof of completion of Good Clinical Practice training in order to gain approvals for clinical research. GCP training for certification or recertification is available free of charge through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), which can also be found on the MyStJoes/research intranet site.  Because the Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton provides this service at no cost to the research community at St. Joe’s, we will not reimburse any cost associated with taking the course elsewhere. 

For questions, please contact Adam Weerdenburg, Research Quality Assurance Officer at or 905 522 1155 ext. 35280.


TCPS Tutorial

Our institution ensures that all research is performed ethically, in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.  The Tri-Council Policy Statement online tutorial can be found here.  TCPS provides an excellent foundation on the ethical principles of research involving humans.



A web and browser-based software solution, REDCap is a tool that helps to organize, manage, schedule and track study-related data. The software is free of charge and is currently in use by over 130 users at St. Joe’s.

REDCap allows researchers to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely. It can be used to create case report forms, validate data entry in real-time, and export easily to Excel, PDF, and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R).

For questions, please contact Doug Campbell, Research System Analyst & Network Manager at or 905 522 1155 ext. 34913.


NIH Tutorial

The National Institutes of Health also provides free online training similar to TCPS. View their website here.


Privacy Tutorial

All investigators (including students and research personnel) conducting review of health records as part of their research are required to provide evidence of training for privacy protection of human subjects prior to submission of HiREB applications. This requirement for training may be met by completing the brief web-based program found here. Upon successful completion of the tutorial, print a certificate for your own record and enter the certificate number in the appropriate place on the HiREB application.



St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has signed a letter of intent with the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB). This means that the OCREB can serve as the Board of Record for multi-centre oncology clinical trials for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Please access the links below to learn more about the OCREB and clinical trials at St. Joe's. 

OCREB Memo Announcement



Access Research

Access Research is a process that allows researchers to request basic patient contact information in order to reach out to patients who may be eligible for participation in a research study. St. Joe's launched the Access Research program as of April 2020.

Click here to learn more about Access Research.


Our Brand

The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton maintains a library of digital branding assets available for researchers, as well as guidelines on how to use our branding.

Click here to visit our Branding page.


Other Useful Links

HiREB Information
For guidelines, application forms etc.

Health Canada
For reference documents relating to Health Canada regulated trials.

Food and Drug Regulations - Division 5 Part C
For regulations which govern clinical investigation drug trials in Canada. 

International Conference on Harmonization - Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) 

World Medical Association: Declaration of Helsinki