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St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is celebrating after moving ahead two spots in the annual rankings of research hospitals across Canada, according to metrics published by Research Infosource. In the latest publication, Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals 2022, St. Joe’s ranked 24th overall, up from 26th the previous year and 27th the year prior. The publication includes data from academic hospitals of all sizes nationwide – large, medium, and small.

In the subcategory focused on medium-sized hospitals, St. Joe’s has consistently shown improvements in researcher intensity (i.e., average funding per investigator) year over year. Coming in tenth place in 2018, the latest publication places St. Joe’s in fifth place among medium-sized research hospitals.

“I’m thrilled to see St. Joe’s moving up in the rankings – it’s further proof of the innovative research programs at our Hospital and the outstanding leadership of our researchers,” said Dr. Lehana Thabane, Vice President, Research of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

In December 2019, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton launched an ambitious 5-year Strategic Plan, which included prioritizing research and education as core aspects of the Learning Pillar.

Now, for the first time in its history, The Research Institute of St. Joe’s is finalizing its own strategic research plan that will further guide key priorities, values, and collaborations well into the future.

“We’ve been working hard on our inaugural Strategic Research Plan to provide a framework for further growth. This includes assessing our most pressing needs, our strengths to build on, and the priorities of our diverse research community,” said Sarah Howe, Executive Director of The Research Institute.

Data for Ontario hospitals are obtained from the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO). The 2022 fiscal rankings are based on the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton administers all research performed within the Hospital, overseeing the work of nearly 200 researchers and their teams. Learn more about research at St. Joe’s here.

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