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Blue Monday, which falls on the third Monday of January, is suggested to mark the coldest and saddest day of the year. Regardless, the staff of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton came into work ready to continue the strides they make in research and to care for the community. The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton alone consists of an academic community of over two hundred researchers and their teams, working alongside thousands of clinicians and volunteers across St. Joe’s three campuses.

To warm them up on a day as cold as Blue Monday, The Research Institute planned an outreach event. We hosted our Winter Warmer event on all three St. Joe’s campuses during this past week of January 16. The event involved community engagement to remind the St. Joe’s community of the impactful research conducted on these campuses.

The event began Monday morning in the main lobby of the St. Joe’s Charlton Campus, continued on Tuesday at the West 5th Campus, and concluded on Wednesday at the King Campus. The staff and community joined The Research Institute for complimentary hot chocolate and a cookie branded with The Research Institute’s logo, while mingling with members of our team.

Additionally, all who came were welcome to register, donate, or learn more about the Paris to Ancaster: A Ride for Research annual bike race. The organizers of Paris to Ancaster partnered with St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation to fundraise in support of research conducted at St. Joe’s. 

We experienced a wonderful turnout at each campus, which involved research coordinators, physicians, learners, volunteers, and staff engaging with each other as they filled their hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows. The Research Institute staff also encouraged those who attended the event to complete an events survey to offer feedback on what our community likes and wants to see more of for future events. 

“We’re happy to host this event in person again after two years! It’s always great to engage with our community, lift spirits on a cold day, and get feedback on our events,” said Laura Garrick, Business and Events Officer for The Research Institute.

In all, our team served over 430 cookies and over 200 cups of hot chocolate, all while engaging with our community, asking for feedback to guide the next year of events, and providing some warmth during the week of Blue Monday.

Be sure to connect with The Research Institute on Twitter and Instagram (@ResearchStJoes) to stay up to date on the latest news and events like this one!


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