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A Message from Lehana Thabane, Scientific Director, RSJH and Sarah Howe, Executive Director, RSJH

It has been nearly two years since the pandemic first impacted our community. Our journey since then has been one of unimaginable pain, loss, uncertainty, and fear – a rollercoaster of emotion. Yet, it has also been a year of hope, faith, global solidarity, and resolve as the world came together to share resources and knowledge. Together, we were determined to develop and deploy vaccines with incredible speed.

I wish to thank all our researchers, learners, and staff for staying committed to research excellence during the pandemic, for supporting each other and our trainees, for taking care of the most vulnerable in our community, and for doing your share to keep one another safe by following public health measures and getting vaccinated.

Sarah and I are incredibly proud of the resilience shown by our research community – how we have all reflected upon and used our unique talents, particularly our research efforts, to improve the health of our communities.

Thank you to those who partnered with our frontline care providers, both within and outside of St. Joe’s, and our global partners, as you work to address the ever-growing needs for evidence to manage the pandemic. Thank you to those who have had to pivot their own research, put their research on hold, and to those who offered a shoulder to cry on for a family member, friend, or colleague as we all tried our best to ride the successive waves of this pandemic. Your individual acts of kindness and compassion towards one another, and to our patients, have kept us together as a community and kept us true to our values.

The Research Institute has experienced many changes during the pandemic, but research excellence and innovation have remained the focus. Both Sarah and I came into our roles this past year, and we have been received with incredible warmth and open arms, for which we are grateful. St. Joe’s research productivity, particularly among peer-reviewed publications and impactful innovation, has soared in the time since the pandemic began.

Though our battle against the pandemic continues, we look forward to the future with hope and renewed excitement. We will soon be starting institute-wide engagement and discussions as we put together our strategic plan. We look forward to engaging with all the research groups about how we can continue to grow into a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable research community in pursuit of research excellence and scientific innovation, guided by St. Joe’s values.

As we enter this festive winter season, we wish you peace and harmony during the holidays. Please take time to rest and enjoy this time with family and friends, while being mindful of the public health measures that have kept us safe throughout the pandemic.

We’ll see you in the new year. Happy Holidays!


Lehana Thabane & Sarah Howe
The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton

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