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On Thursday, January 30, St. Joe’s Urologic Cancer Centre for Research and Innovation (UCCRI) hosted its first Cannabis Forum. This community education event was intended for those interested in learning more about the use of medicinal cannabis, particularly for pain and treatment management in cancer. Presenters aimed to dispel many of the rampant myths surrounding cannabis, and discuss the latest in cannabis research.

The Cannabis Forum featured expert talks from:

  • Dr. Anil Kapoor, MD, FRCSC (Director of the UCCRI, right)
  • Dr. James MacKillop, PhD (Director of the MGD Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research & Director of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, left)
  • Dr. Marissa Slaven, MD (Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences, center)

A special presentation was also given by Steve Parton, who shared his experiences with cannabis as a cancer patient.

This was the third public education event hosted by the UCCRI since the Centre’s launch in 2019. The first event, held in September 2019, introduced patients to a variety of novel treatment approaches and research projects involving kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer. It also featured a patient perspective from Deb Maskens, who spoke on advocating for one’s own health care. A second event was hosted in partnership with Kidney Cancer Canada, which was specifically for patients, survivors, caregivers, family members, and medical professionals involved in kidney cancer care. Learn more on the Past Events page of the UCCRI website.

To learn more about the latest evidence for a variety of cannabis topics, visit the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research.


About the UCCRI

The Urologic Cancer Centre for Research and Innovation, based at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, is a coordinated centre that sees clinicians, surgeons, and basic scientists working in tandem to improve patient care. Through a collaborative, bench-to-bedside approach, researchers are working to enhance diagnostic testing, advance disease treatment, and prevent progression and recurrence. By melding clinical research, the UCCRI aims to bring new discoveries to patients as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the UCCRI online at

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