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On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Research Institute hosted its annual event, Celebrate Research. This event is intended to recognize the achievements of our researchers over the past year, and share the exciting innovations being made at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

This year, the Research Institute was excited to host our community partners, including the McMaster Industry Liaison Office, the Ontario Tumour Bank, the Imaging Research Centre, Bay Area Research Logistics, and the Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair. Representatives from each group were on hand to showcase their work and discuss their role in Hamilton’s diverse community of science innovators.

The Ontario Tumour Bank was one of our community partners that attended this year's event.


The audience heard from all five of our research programs and learned about the remarkable work being done right in the heart of Hamilton. The presenters included:

  • Dr. Rick Austin, presenting for the Kidney Research Program, who shared information about the program’s growth and international collaborations, particularly with Amgen Canada.
  • Dr. Jen Hoogenes, who presented for the new Genitourinary research program. Dr. Hoogenes detailed the establishment of a urological oncology research centre and other cost-effective training methods being developed.
  • Dr. Martin Kolb, speaking for the Lungs & Chest research program. Dr. Kolb highlighted the 40th anniversary of the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health and the numerous advancements in respirology and thoracic surgery that have come from St. Joe’s.
  • Dr. Nick Kates, who presented on behalf of Dr. Margaret McKinnon, for the Mental Health & Addiction research program. Dr. Kates discussed the growth of the program and its successes.
  • Dr. Jim Douketis, who presented for the Father Sean O’Sullivan Research Centre. From this broad research program, Dr. Douketis pointed to some examples of how FSORC is achieving its goals in outreach, impact, innovation, and collaboration.

In addition to the research program presentations, this year’s award winners were recognized during the ceremony. We congratulate this year’s recipients:

  • Yan Gu, Dr. Mei Wang (Studentship Award)
  • Dr. Duncan Cameron, Dr. Rachel Carlisle (Post-doctoral Fellow Award)
  • Dr. Joe Pellizzari, Dr. Elena Ballantyne (PAC Award)
  • Nicole Zytaruk (Staff Recognition Award)
  • Dr. Heather McNeely (CARSTAR Automotive Canada Research Innovation Fund Award)
  • Alick Wang (Forensic Psychiatry Award)
  • Dr. Harsha Shanthanna, Dr. Bobby Shayegan, Dr. Lehana Thabane, Dr. David Cowan, Dr. Margherita Caddedu (Collaboration Grant)
  • Prathiba Harsha, Nick Simard (Student Poster Competition)
  • Danielle Hylton (Student Poster Competition People’s Choice)
  • Dr. Katherine Holshausen (Constantine Douketis New Researcher Award)
  • Dr. James MacKillop (Anne & Neil McArthur Research Award)



Dr. Katherine Holshausen presented her work after receiving the Constantine Douketis New Researcher Award.


The Research Institute wishes to thank everyone who registered and attended the event; your presence is what makes Celebrate Research a success. We are also thankful to the Foundation for their continued support – without the generosity of our donors, research would not be possible. We are also grateful for our Awards Committee members and our Poster Competition judges, for providing your time and thoughtful considerations for these awards.

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