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On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Research Institute held its first annual Midsummer Mixer – an outreach and appreciation event for the St. Joe’s community. The event was held in the Spiritual Garden of the Charlton Campus, and ran from the mid-morning to early afternoon. 

The Research Institute gave out over 400 frozen treats to attendees, who were invited to play games, enjoy some music, and learn about the incredible research going on at St. Joe’s.

The Research Institute was thrilled to see that attendance was higher than predicted, with over 500 people enjoying the event.

“When planning our Midsummer Mixer, it was tough to predict what the turnout would be, since it was a new event for us,” said Laura Garrick, Research Contracts and Events Coordinator. “We were thrilled to see such an amazing turnout and all the excitement and appreciation from our guests,” she added.

The event was open to the all members of the St. Joe’s community – researchers, caregivers, staff, patients, visitors, and industry partners.

The tumble tower seemed to be the fan favourite, perhaps due to its proximity to the ice cream freezer. Nevertheless, crowds gathered to watch in suspense as teams fought to get the highest stack of bricks without letting them topple over. The record was an impressive 25 bricks tall – no easy feat considering the intermittent wind.

The other games included Top Doc, a table-sized game reminiscent of the classic “Operation.” Naturally, our esteemed surgeon, Dr. Anil Kapoor, performed flawlessly.

Dr. Anil Kapoor showing his skills in the Top Doc game.

“We saw you setting up from the eighth floor and decided to come see what all the fuss was about…we’re glad we did!” remarked one patient to a Research Institute staff member.

The event also offered students the opportunity to get to know one another outside of the lab environment. “It’s nice to be able to interact with my fellow grad students in a social setting; we’re used to only seeing each other in the lab,” noted a student who works in the research labs at the Charlton Campus.

Grad students from the McMaster Brain-Body Institute at St. Joe's were tough competitors in the Tumble Toss game.

Visitors left with the knowledge that St. Joe’s is a research hospital, operating five research programs and overseeing the work of over 200 researchers and nearly 600 staff and students affiliated with McMaster University. In addition, they left with some research button flair to represent their respective programs.

The Research Institute would like to thank all those who attended the Midsummer Mixer, and remind everyone to save the date for our next major event – Celebrate Research – on October 23, 2018.

 Check out the photo album here.


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