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Dr. Peter Bieling has received a research grant to develop a new mobile e-health app that will optimize and personalize mental health care for patients diagnosed with mental health and substance use conditions.

Together with Dr. Chris Perlman at the University of Waterloo and Dr. Lynn Martin at Lakehead University, the research team has received $200,000 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Catalyst Grant program.

The app will make patients’ data accessible to them at all times. It empowers patients by increasing their mental health literacy and giving them the ability to take part in shared decision-making processes about their care.

“Our project relies on the Resident Assessment Instrument – a mandated, province-wide tool that collects over 100,000 episodes of care per year,” says Dr. Bieling. “Giving patients the ability to access their data through their smartphone will enable them to understand their conditions better, make more informed choices about their care, and have meaningful discussions about their own results with the care team.”

To ensure the project’s success, the research team will invite patients to collaborate in a central role with the research team in the app design process and implementation planning.

“Partnering with patients ensures that the app is responsive and well-suited to the needs of every user,” says Dr. Bieling.

Dr. Bieling hopes that the app will be developed by 2020.

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