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Dr. Lehana Thabane has been appointed co-Editor-in-Chief of Pilot & Feasibility Studies (PAFS) – a journal that exclusively publishes early-stage research that helps to inform future clinical trials. He has also served as member of the Editorial Board of the journal since its inception in 2015.

“I am honored and delighted for the appointment as Editor-in-Chief for PAFS,” says Dr. Thabane. “I look forward to working with my co-Editor-in-Chief, Gill Lancaster to fostering the growth of the journal as a forum for disseminating pilot and feasibility studies designed to inform and enhance the design of definitive trials to advance science and ultimately evidence-based decision-making.”

Dr. Thabane is the Director of the Biostatistics Unit at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University.

As well as conducting his own research, he supports scientists, physicians and other health professionals to develop more accurate and robust studies based on sound and rigorous methodology. Dr. Thabane has also served as a methodologist and member of the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (HIREB)  

One important aspect of the support that Dr. Thabane provides research teams is the design of pilot and feasibility studies and has written some seminal works on the topic, including the CONSORT extension for pilot trials.

Pilot and feasibility studies are small-scale studies carried out to see if a research idea is feasible and worth investigating further. These studies have been proven to reduce the risk of failure for future larger-scale clinical trials. They help the research team evaluate whether their idea is worth studying further, and if their idea can provide a definitive answer to their question.

We congratulate Dr. Thabane on his appointment, and we look forward to his future activities.

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