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On Sunday May 21st, Dr. Jack Gauldie, VP Research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Scientific Director of the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton, received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Thoracic Society.

The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions to fighting respiratory disease through research, education, patient care or advocacy. This award is one of the most prestigious recognitions given to scientists in this field.

Recognized around the world for his work in immunology and gene therapy, Dr. Gauldie’s research has used genes as a way for the immune system to fight disease. This approach has allowed him to make contributions to the treatments of diseases such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, and fibrosis.

His recent work has applied gene therapy to make major contributions to the study of pulmonary fibrosis. By uncovering some of the mechanisms responsible for causing lung fibrosis, Dr. Gauldie has not only advanced scientific understanding of this disease – he has also discovered new targets for treatment.

These new treatment targets can lead to the development of new approaches to the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis – improving patient outcomes and saving lives.

Through his leadership, Dr. Gauldie has also played a significant role in establishing the International Pulmonary Fibrosis Colloquium – a small meeting that has grown to 320 annual attendees in thirty years.

His mentorship has inspired the next generation of scientific and research talent, as his former trainees lead academic departments around the world and continually publish in some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals.

We congratulate Dr. Jack Gauldie on receiving this award, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes of his long, fruitful career as the future unfolds.

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