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Celebrate Research is an annual event that celebrates the successes of the research community at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

Join us on Thursday October 13th as we recognize the achievements of our researchers and the recipients of the 2016 Research Institute Award Program. These awards help new and established researchers to continue improving patients’ quality of life through new diagnostics, treatments and understandings of the body and mind.

In addition to the awards ceremony, researchers from each of the four major research programs will present the key successes of their work over the past year. This year, we are also holding an academic poster competition which showcases student projects from across St. Joe's.

The event is opened to the community and everyone is welcome to join us in celebrating research! We encourage you to view the presentations, interact with our display booths and enjoy the refreshments that we have to offer.

Thursday October 13th

12:00pm – 4:00pm
2nd Floor Juravinski Tower
Charlton Campus


12:00 pm: Celebrating Research Achievements at St. Joe’s
1:00 pm: Interactive Display Sessions, Academic Poster Competition,
Refreshment Break
2:00 pm: Research Institute Awards Presentations
3:15 pm: Anne and Neil McArthur Research Award Presentation

This year's award recipients are

Research Institute Research Staff Recognition   

  • Ms. Bo Gao  (Supervisor: Dr. Joan Krepinsky)

Research Institute Studentship                              

  • Dr. Justin Lee  (Supervisor: Dr. Anne Holbrook)
  • Ms. Diane Ojo  (Supervisor: Dr. Damu Tang)

Research Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship       

  • Dr. David Speicher  (Supervisor: Dr. Marek Smieja)

Teresa Cascioli Charitable Foundation Research Award in Women’s Health     

  • Dr. Sheryl Green

Constantine Douketis New Researcher

  • Dr. Iris Balodis
  • Dr. Amber Molnar

SJH Foundation Research Collaboration Grant              

  • Drs. Joan Krepinsky, Lawrence Mbuagbaw, Roma Sehmi (co-applicants)

Anne & Neil McArthur Research Award

  • Dr. Paul O’Byrne

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