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Researchers in Canada are trying to learn more about people’s experiences involving clinical trials.


  1. You have previously participated in a clinical trial;
  2. You have been invited to participate in a clinical trial and refused;
  3. You are the parent of a child who has been approached to participate in a clinical trial.

You are invited to complete an on-line survey to assist researchers in Canada to better understand why people decide (or decline) to participate in a clinical trial and what their experience was like.

The BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) is conducting this on-line, anonymous survey.

Should you chose to participate, your responses will assist researchers in designing clinical trials in a way that may better address the concerns, questions and comfort of research subjects.   As clinical trials are essential to enable progress in medical research, any improvements that can be made to the experience for research subjects is important.

To access this on-line survey, head to

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