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For many years, researchers at St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton have produced discoveries at the highest international level in a number of disciplines. Recently, as these activities have grown in number and stature, the requirements for greater organization and infrastructure to support the research excellence induced the organization to establish the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton on April 1, 2014.

This month, we recognize the 2nd anniversary of the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton – celebrating the impact of our researchers on advancing science and transforming patient care.

Simply put, our researchers work towards improving the quality of life that our patients receive in hospital. Publishing their findings in leading academic journals allows our researchers to make an impact on health care around the world.

With research strengths in a number of disciplines including respirology and thoracic surgery, nephrology and urology, mental health and addictions as well as hematology, virology, critical care and evaluative research – our researchers are able to improve patient care across the spectrum of medical disciplines.

Through a strong partnership with McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, we are able to attract and retain world-class scientists and physicians within our hospital.

At St. Joe’s, our researchers work collaboratively to solve the big questions facing scientists and health professionals. Working alongside local clinicians, students, research coordinators and more, research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a collaborative endeavor that fosters exploration, innovation and discovery across our hospital.

Dr. Jack Gauldie
VP, Research

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