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Dr. Michelle Kho’s research aims to help patients recover faster from their stay in the ICU. Studies led by her and her team use the RT-300 supine bicycle, which allows patients to work on strengthening their legs while they are confined to their hospital bed.

Research shows that over half of the patients who have survived a stay in the intensive care unit suffer from weakness in their legs after being discharged. Dr. Kho’s program strives to improve patients’ quality of life after they leave the ICU through in-bed cycling. In an earlier study, TryCYCLE, she noted that patients at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton average approximately 9km by the time they leave the ICU.

“We are so excited to expand our in-bed cycling research program to 6 other ICUs in Ontario," says Dr. Kho. "Input and engagement from physiotherapists, physicians, and research coordinators will prepare us to successfully launch our future large multi-centre study”

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association has featured Dr. Kho’s in-bed cycling research in a recent issue of their publication Physiotherapy Practice.
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