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Academic hospitals across Ontario are making the province healthier, wealthier and smarter. As part of CAHO’s Healthier Wealthier Smarter initiative, VP Research Dr. Jack Gauldie has published a blog post that explains how research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is not only making Hamilton wealthier, but it also improves the care that patients receive across the province.

To read more about the research impact of our hospital, read Dr. Gauldie’s full post entitled Towards a Wealthier City: Impactful, Innovative Health Research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

Last week, CAHO profiled St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton alongside Hamilton Health Sciences in a video that describes how Hamilton research hospitals impact the city’s economy.

In the video, Mayor Fred Eisenberger explains how the success of academic hospitals has a positive, economic spill-over effect for the Hamilton community as a whole. For more information about the economic impact of Hamilton’s research hospitals, watch the video below:

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