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On Wednesday October 21st, we are hosting our Celebrate Research event to celebrate the achievements of the 2015 Research Institute Award Program recipients.

This year's award recipients are:

Research Institute Research Staff Recognition   

  • Ms. Katherine Radford    (Supervisor: Dr. Parameswaran Nair)

Research Institute Studentship                              

  • Ms. Jenna Boyd   (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret McKinnon)

Research Institute Studentship                              

  • Dr. Deborah Siegal    (Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Crowther)

Research Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship       

  • Dr. Pierre-Simon Bellaye     (Supervisor: Dr. Martin Kolb)

Teresa Cascioli Charitable Foundation Research Award in Women’s Health     

  • Dr. Damu Tang

Teresa Cascioli Charitable Foundation Research Award in Women’s Health     

  • Dr. Benicio Frey

SJH Foundation Research Collaboration Grant              

  • Drs. Christian Finley, Anne Boyle and Forough Farrokhyar (co-applicants)

These awards help aspiring and established researchers to continue to develop novel diagnostics and treatments, along with new understandings of the human body and mind.

In addition to the award presentations, researchers representing the four major research programs at St. Joe's will be holding interactive display booths where attendees can engage with research and learn more about the type of studies taking place at St. Joe's.  The event is open to the community and everyone is welcome to attend!

Wednesday October 21st
11:00am – 1:00pm
Main Lobby
Charlton Campus

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