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By attending this webinar, you will be able to integrate cutting-edge research into practice immediately – reducing the risk of major bleeding or stroke for patients after surgery.

The BRIDGE trial recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine challenges common notions of bridging therapy – highlighting the risks of routine bridging therapy in common surgical settings.  Traditionally, bridging therapy was performed with patients regularly taking blood thinners, where heparin was administered before, during and after surgery to prevent blood clots, strokes and other complications. The BRIDGE study calls this practice into question in selected clinical settings; the results of this study and its implications will be presented by the lead author, Dr. James Douketis, in this special webinar.

This webinar features a panel discussion of the trial’s results and their implications with Dr. Douketis alongside Anticoagulation Forum board members Dr. Scott Kaatz, Dr. David Garcia and Dr. Alan Jacobson.

We welcome all staff to register for this webinar which will be held on Tuesday, August 25th at 12:00pm in the Miller Amphitheatre. Lunch will be provided.



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