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Dr. Mark Crowther, hematology researcher at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Chair of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at McMaster University was awarded the Jack Hirsh Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement last night.

This award is granted by the Department of Medicine on an annual basis to academic researchers that have reached international standards of excellence through their work. Dr. Crowther is the second St. Joe’s researcher to win the award, after Dr. Deborah Cook received the award in 2008

“It’s a great honour to win this award. It really shows the culture of mentorship and collaboration present at St. Joe’s and McMaster,” states Dr. Crowther. “It’s easier to become a success in research when you have the support of your peers and mentors.”

Dr. Crowther’s research is improving the ways in which physicians administer blood thinners, leading to safer treatments and procedures. He also conducts studies on preventing and treating blood clots that form inside blood vessels.

We congratulate Dr. Crowther on his award, and we hope that his academic and research endeavours continue to improve patients’ quality of life in the future.

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