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Our Professional Advisory Committee represents allied health professionals working at St. Joe’s and works to improve our clinical care, research and education efforts. By committing ourselves to our best practices and innovative health care approaches, we fulfill our mission as an academic health sciences centre fully committed to providing the best patient care possible.

With the support of the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton, the PAC has established the Interprofessional Research Award Program to support health professionals engaging in independent research activities at SJHH. This award funding assists novice and experienced researchers in continuing ongoing research initiatives, creating pilot studies and taking new research ideas into action.

Supporting our health professionals in their research endeavours allows them to continue improving treatment practices for patients diagnosed with a variety of health issues.

The two winners of the PAC Interprofessional Research Award for 2014-2015 are:

Dr. Irena Milosevic from Psychology
Project: Evaluation of Exposure Plus Safety Behaviour for Contamination-Related OCD

Dr. Matilda Nowakowski from Psychology
Project: A Pilot Study of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

We congratulate our winners on their achievement and we wish them the best in their clinical and research endeavours in the future.

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