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Celebrate Research

Celebrate Research: Virtual Ceremony 2021

Missed the live premiere? No problem! Watch the 2021 Virtual Ceremony right here!

The virtual ceremony video is embedded below. The presentation begins at the 13-minute mark. You can also watch it directly on YouTube to see the full list of time-indexed segments in the video description, in case you want to jump ahead to a specific segment.

Premiered on Thursday, October 7, 2021

Each year, the Research Institute of St. Joe's comes together to celebrate the achievements of our researchers, research programs, staff, and students. It also gives us the opportunity to thank our donors for their continued support, network with our local partners in research, and share the latest news from each of our five research pillars.


2021 Award Recipients:

  • PAC Interprofessional Research Award (Novice Researcher Category): Stefanie Piatek
  • PAC Interprofessional Research Award (Experienced Researcher Category): Taylor Hatchard
  • Staff Recognition Award: Sarah Culgin
  • Staff Recognition Award: Norm Konyer
  • Studentship Award: Jackie Trink
  • Studentship Award: Lucas Gallo
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship Award: Jennifer Gu
  • Constantine Douketis New Researcher Award: Kim Lewis
  • Dr. Ian & Shirley Rowe Research Fund: Michele Korostil
  • SJHF Collaboration Grant: Dan Perri, Manali Mukherjee, Lawrence Mbuagbaw, David Bulir, Waleed Alhazzani
  • Forensic Psychiatry Award: Casey Upfold
  • Forensic Psychiatry Award for Trainees: Emma Marsden
  • Joe K. Award in Forensic Psychiatry: Heather Moulden



2021 McArthur Research Award

The McArthur family has long supported the pursuit of groundbreaking research at St. Joe’s. Each year, a world-renowned researcher is honoured with the Anne & Neil McArthur Research Award. The 2021 recipient is Dr. Martin Kolb.

Dr. Kolb is a respirologist and research director of the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health at St. Joe’s. He is professor and director of the Division of Respirology at McMaster University, and the inaugural Jack Gauldie Boehringer Ingelheim Chair in Interstitial Lung Disease.

For 25 years, Dr. Kolb has been at the forefront of international respirology research and care. His pioneering work in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis has quite literally changed, improved, and extended the lives of people living with this debilitating lung disease for which there is no cure. The author of 300 peer-reviewed articles, the Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal, and the holder of multiple research chairs, Dr. Kolb is a most deserving recipient of the McArthur Research Award.

On January 25, 2022, Dr. Kolb led an exciting academic talk, entitled “From Nothing to Disease-Altering Management: A 25 Year Journey of Pulmonary Fibrosis Research.” A recording is embedded above and can be accessed directly via YouTube


Elevator Pitch Series

Our 2021 award recipients recorded their own elevator pitch videos to share their research projects! Check out the elevator pitch videos below to learn more about these projects!

Stefanie Piatek - PAC Interprofessional Research Award

Taylor Hatchard - PAC Interprofessional Research Award

Jackie Trink - Studentship Award

Lucas Gallo - Studentship Award

Jennifer Gu - Post-doctoral Fellowship Award

Kim Lewis - Constantine Douketis New Researcher Award

Michele Korostil - Dr. Ian & Shirley Rowe Research Award

Dan Perri - SJHF Collaboration Award

Casey Upfold - Forensic Psychiatry Award

Emma Marsden - Forensic Psychiatry Award for Trainees

Heather Moulden - Joe K. Award in Forensic Psychiatry


Looking for our 2020 event?

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