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Mental Health & Addiction

Since the new Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare opened its doors to patients in 2014, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has shared with the world how its new integrated model of medical and mental health care will positively transform the way patients with mental illness and addiction are diagnosed and treated.  The facility also provides dedicated research areas where mental health researchers can explore ways to improve treatments and therapies for those diagnosed with mental illness.

From psychiatry research that seeks to determine the best medications to treat depression and schizophrenia, to psychology research that seeks to treat menopausal symptoms and PTSD with therapeutic treatments, the breadth of mental health research at St. Joe’s reflects the diverse expertise of our mental health researchers.

The Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research is located at the Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.  It opened on October 1st, 2014, under the leadership of Dr. James MacKillop, its Director and the inaugural holder of the Peter Boris Chair in Addictions Research.


Mental Health & Addiction

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Dr. Michael Amlung View
Dr. Suzanne Archie View
Dr. Elena Ballantyne View
Dr. Iris Balodis View
Dr. Debbie Bang View
Dr. Peter Bieling View
Dr. Lisa Burckell View
Dr. Gary Chaimowitz View
Dr. Sabreena Chohan View
Dr. Jane Foster View
Dr. Benicio Frey View
Dr. Elmar Gardizi View
Dr. Dubravka Gavric View
Dr. David Grant View
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Dr. Gary Hasey View
Dr. Katherine Holshausen View
Dr. Flavio Kapczinski View
Dr. Nick Kates View
Dr. Brenda Key View
Dr. Jelena King View
Dr. Marilyn Korzekwa View
Dr. Michele Laliberte View
Dr. Maxine Lewis View
Dr. Bruno Losier View
Dr. James MacKillop View
Dr. Randi McCabe View
Dr. Stephanie McDermid Vaz View
Dr. Margaret McKinnon View
Dr. Heather McNeely View
Dr. Irena Milosevic View
Dr. Mini Mamak View
Dr. Luciano Minuzzi View
Dr. Heather Moulden View
Dr. Matilda Nowakowski View
Dr. Andrew Olagunju View
Dr. Elizabeth Pawluk View
Dr. Joseph Pellizzari View
Dr. Sebastien Prat View
Dr. Karen Rowa View
Dr. Zainab (Zena) Samaan View
Dr. Roberto Sassi View
Dr. Philippe Shnaider View
Dr. Miriam Spinner View
Dr. Meir Steiner View
Dr. David Streiner View
Dr. Susan Strong View
Dr. Valerie Taylor View
Dr. Juliana Tobon View
Dr. Ryan Van Lieshout View
Ms. Kathleen Baba-Willison View
Dr. Robert Zipursky View