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Lungs & Chest

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton researchers studying the lungs & chest build upon a rich legacy of exploration into treatment and prevention of lung and chest-related ailments. 

The Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health, founded in 1978, has played an instrumental role in changing the practice of respiratory health care on a global level by developing the AeroChamber® inhaler as well as the first Canadian guidelines for the treatment of asthma. 

Currently, the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health continues with its aim to better understand and treat respiratory illness – conducting world-class scientific investigations into asthma, allergies and pulmonary diseases.

Researchers at St. Joe’s also strive to improve surgical processes for chest-related interventions.  In addition to a strong collaboration with the LDAP and EDAP programs, thoracic surgeons are conducting research into discovering optimal ways of using the da Vinci surgical robot for chest surgery. 

The Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery is the first dedicated facility in the greater Hamilton area to use cutting-edge, minimally invasive robotic technology to speed healing in patients and push the boundaries of surgical care.


Lungs & Chest Researchers

Name Website
Dr. Kjetil Ask View
Dr. Gerard Cox View
Ms. Myrna Dolovich View
Dr. Christian Finley View
Dr. Paul Forsythe View
Dr. Nathan Hambly View
Dr. Wael Hanna View
Dr. Mark Inman View
Dr. Luke Janssen View
Mr. Neil Johnston View
Dr. Martin Kolb View
Dr. Renee Labiris View
Dr. Mark Larche View
Dr. Juliana Li View
Dr. Shyam Maharaj View
Dr. Andrew McIvor View
Dr. Parameswaran Nair View
Dr. Helen Neighbour View
Dr. Paul O'Byrne View
Dr. Peter Powles View
Dr. Malcolm Sears View
Dr. Roma Sehmi View
Dr. Yaron Shargall View
Dr. Steven Smith View
Dr. Joshua Wald View