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Kidney research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton developed as a result of clinical and basic science researchers coming together to increase medical understanding and develop cutting-edge solutions such as new drugs, treatments and practices. 

Our institution houses the Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research, which allows basic science and clinical researchers to translate their findings to improvements in patient care.  Our kidney researchers are studying the mechanisms involved in kidney failures caused by diabetes and hypertension – the two most common causes of kidney failure in North America. 

Kidney researchers collaborate with urologists to establish tumour banks in both of these areas.  Clinical collaboration between both disciplines has resulted in Hamilton developing into the second largest transplant program in the province.


Kidney Researchers

Name Website
Dr. Richard Austin View
Dr. Kenneth Scott Brimble View
Dr. Catharine Clase View
Dr. David Collister  
Dr. Jeffrey Dickhout View
Dr. Azim Gangji View
Dr. Alistair Ingram View
Dr. Joan Krepinsky View
Dr. Matthew Lanktree View
Dr. Peter Margetts View
Dr. Amber Molnar View
Dr. Christian Rabbat View
Dr. Christine Ribic View
Dr. Darin Treleaven View
Dr. Michael Walsh View
Dr. Robert Yang View