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Imaging Research Centre


The Imaging Research Centre (IRC) at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton provides the research community with access to cutting-edge imaging technology.  Staffed with highly-trained personnel, the IRC conducts research spanning from clinical trials to basic science.

The IRC is home to a state-of-the-art, research-dedicated 3T MRI scanner, and a PET/CT scanner that is used clinically and for research.  The IRC serves as a nexus of imaging expertise, collaborating with researchers from across Hamilton, and southern Ontario.


Contact: Norm Konyer,, 905-522-1155 ext. 34111

Directions: IRC-MRI-directions-Mar2023.pdf (Important: Please note the parking changes in the revised PDF, effective March 1, 2023).


IRC-MRI pricing: IRC-MRI pricing.pdf

Link to IRC-MRI scheduler: 


Do you have an MRI or PET research project and would like to use the IRC?  Please complete the appropriate intake form to tell us about your research:

Link to IRC-MRI intake form (REDCap):

Link to IRC-PET intake form (REDCap):