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Father Sean O'Sullivan Research Centre

The Father Sean O’Sullivan Research Centre (often abbreviated as "FSORC") encapsulates the wide-range of basic science, clinical and evaluative research that takes place within St. Joe’s.

Basic researchers typically begin their work in laboratories – working with the building blocks of life in order to construct solutions for current ailments.  For some researchers, the analysis of various cells, proteins and genes at a microscopic level make up the core of their practice.  Basic science research can lead to new knowledge and scientific capital, which can then be used in the development and creation of new drugs, therapies and treatments.

Clinical research at St. Joe’s begins and ends with the patient in mind.  Due to a long-standing partnership with McMaster University, dedicated clinicians have launched research studies that have aimed to directly improve the care that our patients receive on a daily basis.  Our clinical researchers often work closely with physicians, nurses and other clinical staff in order to carry out their research studies, and integrate successful discoveries into current healthcare practice.  Whether investigator-initiated or pharma-sponsored, clinical research at St. Joe’s reflects the compassionate care that our clinicians provide.

Evaluative research is a critical component of healthcare-related research that analyzes the effectiveness and efficacy of medical treatments and programs.  St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is home to Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH), which evolved from the previously-established Centre for Evaluation of Medicines.  Over the years, both groups had contributed heavily in guiding the healthcare expenditures of our federal and provincial governments.

The Biostatistics Unit, housed within St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, provides statistical support tailored to the needs of researchers within Hamilton's hospital network and the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University.  This group provides guidance in writing grant proposals, designing studies, collecting and analyzing data as well as report writing.

Lastly, PHENOM Research is an affiliated research group that specializes in providing cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis.  PHENOM supports clinical, economic and policy making decisions through economic modeling, health-related quality of life assessment, and utility measurement.


Father Sean O'Sullivan Research Centre

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